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Burning Man Series
Dos Judas
Monte Alban
La Guerra de los Mariachis
El Toreo
The Entry of Quayle Into Mexico
La Linea
Cholo Park
La Migra
Los Tomateros
Rights and Lefts
The Shiny Path
A Patriot’s Nightmare
Night Game
Beach Culture
Gun Culture
Dead Heads
Fusion Reaction
Star Trek 2000
Drug Wars
Magic v. AIDS
Fourth of July, Del Mar
Design for the Original Garden
Night of the Burn
Day Before the Burn
Sod Head
Copper Head
Stick Head
Mobile Man Meets Holy Man
Mobile Man Meets Burning Man
Big Girl 1
Big Girl 2
Slow Down Dummy
Despacito Tu Pendejo
Disc Man
Fritz Man Meets Lady Bee (In the Artery)
Spinning Man
Life of the Party Man—Sculpture
Life of the Party Girl—Sculpture
Life of the PartyCouple—Sculpture
Mobile Man 1
Mobile Man 2
Little Guy
Addiction Box
Hippie Guy
Something's A Foot

Public Art

Selected Series
Pillars of the Community
Bird Park
Moving Pictures
Kandinsky’s Garden
Light is Life
Garden Variety
Sierra Club Installation
Stold My
Public Art Shouldn't Be Too
Garden Variety Series


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