Night of the Burn
Day Before the Burn
Sod Head
Copper Head
Stick Head
Mobile Man Meets Holy Man
Mobile Man Meets Burning Man
Big Girl 1
Big Girl 2
Slow Down Dummy
Despacito Tu Pendejo
Disc Man
Fritz Man Meets Lady Bee (In the Artery)
Spinning Man
Life of the Party Man—Sculpture
Life of the Party Girl—Sculpture
Life of the PartyCouple—Sculpture
Mobile Man 1
Mobile Man 2
Little Guy
Addiction Box
Hippie Guy
Something's A Foot

Burning Man Series
Night of the Burn


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Burning Man Series
by Wick Alexander

These artworks are my attempt to capture a glimpse of Burning Man. Many descriptions of the event are documented, but I am trying to reveal something beyond the event itself; a specific aesthetic. The Burning Man event lasts one week every year, but there is a growing population of participants ( 28,000 or more) that live and breath B.M. every day, year around.

Burning Man is much more than a week-long extreme camping experience, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle. This global phenomenon is spreading like a wild fire ( pun intended). It's founder Larry Harvey, summarizes the essence of Burning Man as a venue for " radical
self-expression". This could explain why Burning Man has been described as the "special olympics of art". Everyone is expected to actively participate, for Burning Man is not a spectator sport nor is it for the timid. Everyone at the spectacle celebrates the splendor of the self, in all shapes and sizes. Just when you think you've seen and done it all, you will see or do something at Burning Man that defies imagination. It is all there and


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